May 16, 2017

The TOP 3 major obstacles faced by small business owners in today’s business world and how Business Applications can help solve the obstacles.

1. Lack of manpower

  • Competing with bigger companies for top talent
  • Difficulties in finding qualified applicants
  • Inexperience talent management
  • Employee turnover

Online Account & Billing small businesses can peace of mind on hiring accountant. Now they can outsources the entire accounting works to accounting service providers to prepare the accounting online. Business owner is able to track & analyze real time financial status anytime, anywhere without meeting up with accountant..

Accounting service providers are connected to clients through integrated billings system where account can be prepared online in the same program and facilitate online audit of account and GST.


2. Difficulties in Productivity and Performance Monitoring

  • Business owners fail to monitor the daily productivity of their staff
  • Employees’ job performance detrimental to the company growth is neither detected nor control

Sales Force Automation enables you to manage the sales person sales activity from creating prospects, follow up sales, right up to customers’ management for recurring orders. It maintains a centralize prospect master database that allows a more efficient control over the potential leads and opportunities, which may be generated from different sources.

Online Stock Control assists the company to manage and control Inventory levels so that the quantity of stock on hand will always be on a healthy level. It also helps businesses with an up-to-date view of sales, purchase orders and goods receipts and real time tracking and monitoring of inventory levels.

Service Centre Automation is utilized to provide a satisfactory customer experience to effectively manage customer issues and tickets, their account and contact information, service contracts and warranty information in low investment.


3. Remote Business Management Concerns

  • Communication barrier in monitoring financial status of company remotely from office
  • Difficulties in tracking company productivity and KPIs away from office

Intelligent Analysis Tool provides access to critical information on a real time basis. It allows users to quickly and easily slice and dice data, develop data models, pivots and graphs for analyzing the company’s sales performance, expenses, commitments and financial positions. It is also able to track business KPIs such as collection status and sales performance to ensure the key business objectives of the company are achieved.

Mobile Ordering provides a range of features which includes Mobile Quotation, Sales Order, Invoice, Instant Inquiry & KPI. These features are able to provide users the information about real time pricing, product image, stock availability and checking before ordering. Furthermore, Mobile Ordering features assist users to track sales & collection and able to obtain the results on-the-go.


Are you a small business owner who is eager to achieve best practice in business management in the cloud computing age?

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