Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email is still the most effective form of online advertising.
Email marketing is still booming – with almost $3 billion spent on marketers to get their message to your inbox.
And Campaign Monitor reports for every $1 in email marketing spend, lifetime ROI totals $38!

To make that ROI, here are 5 email marketing secrets you need to know:

1. New customer acquisitions you acquire from email marketing will ALWAYS perform better than other online marketing, such as display ads.

Why? It is common sense. Customers you signed up via email are more responsive to emails. They WILL respond to your future email marketing offers and upsells!


2. Always send "relevant" emails.

Make sure you are targeting the right products with the right demo, and providing content sizzle that will impact the reader!
Fact: Companies who send marketing emails are 133% more likely to send relevant offers that sync with a customer's purchase cycle. (Lenskold and Pedowitz Groups)


3. Mobile emails actually work!

Campaign Monitor reports data from 1.8 billion opens shows the No. 1 way people interact with emails is on mobile devices.
And Gmail finds 75% of their email opens are on mobile devices!


4. Email personalization actually improves ROI.

Put that "Dear John" or "Dear Jane" and see a lift as much as 15% on response. Some 74% of marketers agree: personalization still increases response!


5. Content is still king!

Savvy marketers are realizing there is a big difference between marketing emails and content-based ones.
In the past marketers stuck with "dedicated" email offers.
But algorithms from major email providers prevent many of those offers from going into user inboxes.
So, try more native emails offers by focusing on related content in the subject line and quality content in the email that keeps users engaged.
If you do, results will skyrocket!

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