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Mobile App

According to 2017 mobile usage report, mobile devices dominate 71% of total minutes spent online. Beside the popularity of mobile friendly web design, mobile apps become an effective tool in today’s digital era.

Why today’s marketer needs a mobile app?:

Increase engagement with your customers
Marketers in all businesses nail down the best way to make customers more engaged and active for repeat orders. Mobile apps with relevant content will greatly connect customers to businesses they most commonly used and indirectly improve customer retention. Making customers download mobile apps increase the level of accessibility to customers and make them know more about your businesses and offers.

It’s all about collaboration and interaction
Through mobile apps, you will be able to increase the interaction with your customer. Promotion and loyalty campaign will be more effective as your customers are well informed through a frequent used app. There are many businesses use mobile apps to offer rewards to the app subscribers as to encourage the customers to buy more and cross sell their products.

Remember you through routine notification
In any kind of business, routine notification make your customers remember you. Mobile apps make it easy as it is just in your control to push through a promotion event in your own app. As direct personal connection tool, mobile apps create the feel of they are the first one to get your messages. When your app is in their phone, your customers are more likely to see your special offers related to your business instantly as compare to any other marketing media.

It’s effective tool for branding awareness
Mobile app increase visibility to subscribers and it is like constant reminder of your business. The app’s icon is always visible on the phone’s screen where it creates a feeling of your business is always with them all the times. It gives a business more presence through phone than a browser bookmark. It simplifies your communications to your customer through routine updates of new messages or newsletter. It reduces staff workload, costs of distributing your paper materials, and with minimum cost of data package, it’s almost free when every time your messages are delivered through internet.

Make people refer and talk more about you
People are interested, attracted and talk more about a good app than an advertisement. Your mobile app is just like a virtual retail of your business, when it is useful and served for specific purpose, your subscribers will continue to use it and they will refer them to their friends, one to another.

The convenience of direct launch, offline and online
Once a native mobile app is downloaded, it’s offline on your phone and it syncs only when there’s new update. Therefore, it work faster without rely heavily on internet speed, where user does not need to launch a web browser which will then go through a URL loading when access to a business website. Due to the access of mobile app is as convenience as just a click, it’s more likely that user will access it more frequent.

The best link to social media platform
Consumers of today’s generation spend a lot of time on social media. They read and study the level of advocacy on specific product before they make a purchase decision. With the auto sharing function on mobile app, you can share your messages to multiple social sites automatically and instantly upon every new post or update. This will greatly increase social interaction and make your prospective customers discuss more about your products or services.
Mobile apps are now a popular tool in generating more business. It enhances collaboration, interaction and engagement with your customers. With a changing way of people reviewing a product, mobile app is worthwhile budget allocation in specific industry.

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