Sales Force Automation


Sales Force Automation

Connaq sales force automation designed for result. It manages opportunity pipelines, increases your sales conversion rate and it’s developed based on practical concept that gearing towards sales performance.

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Connaq Sales Force Automation (SFA) is a tool to automate business processes such as sales performance, inventory monitoring and control, order tracking, information sharing, contact management, order processing, employee performance evaluation and much more. It is part of Connaq Web Applications CRM module but it functions much more than a conventional CRM system.

Connaq Web SFA enables you to manage the sales person sales activity from creating prospects, follow up sales, right up to customers’ management for recurring orders. It maintains a centralize prospect master database that allows a more efficient control over the potential leads and opportunities, which may be generated from different sources.

Connaq Web SFA provides your sales team unprecedented visibility into every side of a customer relationship, including support cases and as well as integration to office information.
Managers and executives also gain a better visibility and control with real-time monitoring over their agents’ sales effectiveness and make mid-course corrections.

Connaq Web SFA also helps businesses to understand sales pipelines in terms of sales leads, follow ups and deals closing by providing information such as up-to-date sales revenue, sales personnel performance and customer’s behaviour. These information are crucial in maintaining a high level of competitiveness in a dynamic business environment.

Activity Scheduling & Strategic Advisory

Through the input of sales person’s daily reports and activities with the customers, top management are able to execute and monitor live feed of the implemented marketing strategy. With Connaq CRM Sales Force Automation, sales person can now manage their activity more effectively with maximum efficiency.This scheduling includes the following features:

  • Appointment entry
  • Personal schedule
  • Compilation of sales person’s daily, weekly, monthly activities into reports.
  • Systematic Sales Personal Management

    Connaq CRM – SFA ensures a systematic standard operating procedure by defining processes flow of different sales event cycle.

    Easy Tracking and Monitoring

    With live updates to the database via the internet, sales person and management can now easily keep track of all potential customers and preferences. Other than the potential customers, CRM also allows users to track and monitor the competitors by defining the threat level.

    Sales Forehead Report

    This feature enables management to monitor and guide productivity of sales person.
    It includes:

  • Month to date sales amount by sales person
  • Potential priority on hand
  • Number of activities by sales person

  • Other features

    Opportunity and Prospecting Management
    Contact Management
    Potential and Priority Management
    Knowledge Based Management
    Source and Reference Analysis
    Get the right sales data at the right time
    Connect key decision-makers faster
    Manage your sales and marketing productivity

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